【Overseas one】Koiguchi shirt <S>


It was for dogs and made a "Koiguchi shirt" to wear in the case of a festival♪

Koiguchi shirt ...
It is a kind of the underwear of the business (I use it for a festival mainly) in Japanese dress. It features three-quarter sleeves in fastening in front. I give personality with various patterns and colors now and am enjoyed.

Because I use tender cloth, the washing would like the hand-washing.

The mark of * is a cloth of a "Tenugui".
Tenugui is soft and quick-drying, it is used in traditional Japanese techniques from around the Edo period.
The thickness of the cloth is gauze → tenugui → cotton fabric.

Neck  27cm
Trunk 44cm
Dress length 22cm

Cotton 100%

Made in japan.

From Japan to your country ...
We will deliver it by International parcel .

<Delivery charges>
It varies according to a delivery country.
Because it is handmade one by one, we will have time about 3 weeks.

¥ 3,500




  • Airmail

    It is a notice in approximately one week

    全国一律 600円